Cross-border Shipping Services

Optimize your global e-commerce logistics with acrossB. Experience efficient shipping services and manage the entire shipping processviverra sit.

Global Shipping Services

Optimized shipping to anywhere in the world

Reach overseas customers in 200+ countries with the optimal shipping method and reasonable logistics costs, regardless of the type - B2C, B2B, FBA, etc.malesuada sit.

Global Fulfillment Centers

Easy returns with
global fulfillment centersuser analytics

acrossb fulfillment centers are integrated with OMS / WMS, allowing for one-stop management of order collection, inventory checking, and returns, resulting in faster delivery to overseas customers.

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  • South Korea: Gimpo Center, Gonghang-dong Center
  • United States: LA Center
  • Japan: Tokyo Center, Chiba Center
  • Returns Center: Germany, United States, Japan, China
Integrated Platform

Integrated logistics management platform
for global shipping

With the integrated multi-store and multi-carrier information, you can easily manage order information, issue shipping instructions, and manage product information / inventory status all at once.malesuada sit.

Logistics Consulting

Logistics experts provide support for overseas shipping processuser analytics

Our logistics experts support in every step of the complex global logistics process, including setting up international shipping, import/export customs clearance, shipping monitoring, customer service, returns and exchanges, etc.
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What our customers say about us


Global Sales Team

"About 80% of our total revenue comes from global sales, so we have a large scale and a diverse range of regions. As a result, we spent a significant amount of time aligning different systems and formats for each region/store. However, with the help of acrossB Workpad, we were able to automate a substantial portion of these tasks, greatly reducing our management resources."pharetra senectus.

Manyo Factory

Japanese R Store Team

"During the process of handling the ordered items, several manual tasks had to be performed in order to upload them to our internal ERP system. However, with acrossB Workpad, we were able to directly integrate with the ERP system without any additional work, resulting in a reduction of over 50% in order processing time."
pharetra senectus.


Head of NA Logistics Operations

"As we expanded our business in North America, we needed integrated management for the overall logistics, including B2B and B2C operations in the region. With the support of local fulfillment centers in the United States and acrossB's logistics experts, we were able to achieve seamless management and respond quickly, just like a local presence."
pharetra senectus.

The Founders

Logistics Manager for Japan Operations

"Previously, in order to distribute promotional items, we had to receive order files from various stores and it took a lot of time to download and process them in Excel. However, with acrossB Workpad, adding promotional items became automated, and we were able to manage orders from different stores all at once, which made the process much more convenient."pharetra senectus.


Head of International Operations

"Being able to integrate and consolidate orders from various stores in Japan such as Amazon and Rakuten has significantly reduced our morning order processing time. Additionally, the ability to handle both B2C and B2B shipments for the United States has reduced the need for separate operations and streamlined our workflow."pharetra senectus.


Global Merchandise Director

After outsourcing the full process of international shipping to acrossB, one of the greatest benefits we have experienced is that our MDs (Merchandise Directors) can fully focus on sales. This is especially significant in the fashion industry where returns are common. Acrospire's ability to quickly address returns on a regional basis has been highly appreciated.pharetra senectus.


What our customers say about us

"It's great to integrate multi-store orders and manage product information / inventory in one place, I don't have to go to each site, download files, and view all in Excel."pharetra senectus.

Customer A

MD, Japan

"Being able to verify address information before invoicing has prevented many shipping delays later on. It’s very time-consuming to fix things if there’s an issue locally.”pharetra senectus.

Customer C

Logistics Specialist, China

"It's nice to see at a glance which products are doing well and how much they're selling per store, especially during special events."
pharetra senectus.

Customer D

Logistics Specialist, US

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