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Authentic Parenting: Konny's Logistics Innovation

After contemplating pain points experienced in real life, Konny grew from developing a baby carrier into a successful global parenting lifestyle brand, often recognized as one of the most successful startups to enter the cross-border e-commerce market. In just three years since its establishment, Konny achieved sales of KRW 23.5 billion in 2020. Interestingly, 80% of Konny's total sales come from global platforms like Shopify and Amazon.

Konny made bold investments to ensure overseas customers could experience comfortable parenting every day. They launched dedicated cargo planes for international deliveries and utilized fulfillment services, leading to the remarkable achievement of becoming the top-ranked new baby carrier product on Amazon in the United States. However, managing multiple sales channels and navigating logistics services became a challenge for Konny, prompting them to seek assistance from acrossB. But what exactly were the concerns that drove Konny to knock on acrossB's door?

Managing Multi-Channel Integrations with Workpad

Konny utilizes a total of nine overseas sales channels, including Shopify and Amazon. As the number of sales channels increased, the tasks became more complex. They had to manage all shipping and delivery instructions, order information, and aggregation through Excel and different business systems. Moreover, they had to work with four delivery companies, resulting in the need for 36 Excel tasks every morning. Additionally, it was challenging to predict next month's order quantity using only the raw order and delivery information viewed in Excel.

Now, Konny manages their daily orders by consolidating them in one place using acrossB's sales management platform. This not only minimizes repetitive work but also allows them to handle customer demands such as address or item changes on one screen without accessing each store individually. They can also manage shipping status and sales inventory in real-time. Furthermore, they can easily view and analyze sales information for each store, making it easier to predict order and production volume.

How to decrease growing Logistics Costs?

Konny, keeping in mind parents who eagerly await a comfortable parenting experience every day, has made bold investments in overseas delivery to rapidly increase their international sales. However, as the sales volume grows, so do the logistics costs, leading to new concerns. Currently, Konny utilizes acrossB's cross-border platform to set shipping rules based on local and cargo characteristics, enabling them to receive recommendations for optimized shipping methods. They primarily utilize local optimized delivery services, but for extremely compact products like baby bibs, they explore cost-saving options such as utilizing consumer mailboxes for delivery. They may also consider combining services with postal couriers, which may extend the delivery time by 2-3 days but offer more cost-effective options.

Konny manages overseas shipping with the same efficiency as domestic operations

The success of overseas shipping greatly depends on how quickly and effectively issues are addressed. In the cross-border e-commerce market, effectively managing logistics issues requires flexible combinations and rearrangements of each shipping transaction. From the point of departure in Korea to the arrival port in the destination country, it needs to be managed as one segment, while the segment from customs clearance to the delivery address is treated as another, with individual issues such as customs clearance and returns being tracked separately.

Konny utilizes the features of acrossB's Workpad to categorize the shipping process into these segments and monitor the progress of each item in real-time. Delivery issues such as customs clearance problems, shipping delays, or loss are classified and monitored separately. Through the use of acrossB's Workpad, Konny's staff can easily collaborate with logistics personnel, sharing the same information and discussing delivery-related issues, resulting in faster response times in case of problems.

In fact, the response time for handling delivery issues has decreased by approximately 12 hours since adopting acrossB's Workpad, and it is expected to become even faster in the future. Additionally, the real-time monitoring feature of the Workpad enables early detection of delivery anomalies (such as delays or losses), allowing proactive responses before customer complaints are raised. Konny, driven by the determination to alleviate parenting discomfort, and acrossB, born with the belief to fill the gaps in the logistics industry with IT, are coming together to create a logistics innovation that embodies Konny's unique delivery experience.

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