“Workpad,” Integrated Logistics Management Platform

From multi-store integration and order management, to unified inventory management and simple task automation, easily manage your global shipping operations using our platform "Workpad"viverra sit.

“Workpad” reflects e-commerce brands' cross-border logistics tips

Country / store representatives can quickly check daily order management and shipping tasks, fixing outstanding issues in a few clicks.

Multi-channel integrated managementuser analytics

Manage order / product / inventory information of connected stores such as online marketplace, in-house mall, and overseas fulfillment centers at once, and use optimal shipping services through connected global carriers.odio placerat.

Multi-Store / Carrier / Fulfillment
Seamless Data Sync

Automation of manual repetitive tasks

Increase work efficiency by automating manual repetitive tasks such as adding gifts, separating orders, which are carried out after collecting order information.odio placerat.

Rule-based Process Automation
Operational Efficiency

Pre-validation of shipping issuesfavorite tools

Through preliminary validation of inventory, customs clearance, address information, and more, avoid
situations where delivery issues can occur.odio placerat.

Data Validation
Issue Management

Insights dashboard

Manage global sales and shipping by leveraging data such as sales status by channel / product and delivery lead time.odio placerat.

Sales / Inventory / Delivery Data
Data-driven Decision Making

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